Paintings by Cal Peters

During the 1960s and early 1970s, the Postal History Foundation (then called the Western Postal History Museum) commissioned five paintings and five dioramas from artist Cal Peters. Peters is especially known for murals and dioramas, some of which were funded by the Works Progress Administration, and much of which was done in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. While Curator of History at the Los Angeles County Museum, he worked on the Foundation’s paintings and dioramas.

The dioramas are on semi-permanent loan to the Arizona Historical Society. The paintings hang in the Slusser Library on the Postal History Foundation campus. The Slusser Library also holds a Cal Peters Collection in the archives, where some of his correspondence with our former director, William Alexander, is kept. These letters do give some insight on Peters’s choices of subject and aesthetics.

The Postal History Foundation has plans to revisit the manner in which the five paintings are presented to the public. New labels that provide more context and a more comprehensive perspective will be written. It is hoped that the new presentation will prompt visitors to think about various aspects of the people and events depicted in the paintings.