Letter to teachers from education director, Lisa Dembowski

Postage stamps are an extremely versatile teaching tool, applicable for use in social studies, language arts, science—all subject areas. Stamps depict not only specific historical figures, such as scientists, authors, activists, and statespeople, but also concepts, such as freedom, peace, exploration, and community. A country’s values, interests, strengths, and flaws are represented in the postage stamps they create. The culture is in the stamps.

Using postage stamps in lessons and activities is not only a creative and engaging way for students to explore ideas and meet grade-level standards, it’s also an efficient way to differentiate for visual and tactile learners. Seeing a concept visually, or holding it in hand, can make an indelible impression on a learner.


My favorite lesson was this one about American Artists! It made me think differently about how artists see the world. — Alyssa, 5th grade


Stamps provide little colorful windows to a wider world, allowing students to have a hands-on learning experience while completing the required school curriculum. Whether students are studying the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, math, art, the alphabet, and national symbols and monuments, the possibilities are endless. Students enjoy learning with stamps, and beautiful stamps are packed with information!

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